Moving from Primary to Secondary School

If your child was born between 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011 inclusive, you need to apply for a year 7 secondary school place for September 2022. The national closing date for year 7 applications is 31st October 2021.

If you live in Newham, you apply via LB Newham Pupil Services.

If you live outside Newham and you want your child to attend this school, you need to apply via your home borough naming this school as a preference on your application.

The links below will assist you with making your application:

In-Year or ‘Mid Phase’ Admissions

Mid Phase Admissions are students who join school outside the normal admission times, so after the first half term of Year 7 through to Year 11. We are aware that students joining Eastlea  mid-phase are doing so for a variety of reasons, some of which may be upsetting and difficult for them. At Eastlea we support all students and offer packages to meet their individual needs, whether emotional, learning or behavioural.

If your family arrives in Newham during the school year 2021/22 and your child needs a school place, you must complete an In Year application form naming your preferred school(s). The Newham School Finder is a useful tool for determining the location of schools and for calculating home-to-school distances. The Starting Secondary School guide provides a useful overview of Newham’s secondary schools.

School places are usually offered within 10 days. Please note that you may not be offered the school of your choice, if there are no vacancies at that school. Click here for information on waiting lists.

Determined Admission Arrangements

Eastlea Community School is part of the Newham Community Schools Trust, which is the admission authority for our school. We do however continue to adopt the LB Newham’s admission arrangements to ensure continuity across the borough.

Further information:


We welcome visits from prospective students, parents/carers and encourage you to us independently. Please contact us to get further information or to schedule a visit using our contact details below: 

Phone: 020 7540 0400 


For further information about the admissions process, please contact the London Borough of Newham using the details below or using their website: 

The Education offices 

London Borough of Newham, Newham Dockside, 1000 Dockside Road , London, E16 2QU 

Phone: 020 8430 2000