At Eastlea Community School, we believe that a student’s ability to enjoy and achieve is best enhanced by a smooth transition between each key stage. We need to sustain, in our young people an enthusiasm for learning, confidence in themselves as learners and a sense of achievement and purpose. 

It is therefore important that transition is well planned; in stages and that we should not expect new students to cope with a huge change in teaching organisation and style all at once. Learning Eastlea Community School needs to build on what the student has achieved in his/her primary school. It is also vital that students are able to attend a school in their community.

We aim to ensure a smooth and effective transition from primary school to Eastlea Community School, in order to help all our young people to feel safe and happy, to have their needs met and to ultimately fulfil their true potential. We aim to achieve this by:

  • Offering staff and students in partner primaries a range of opportunities to visit our school
  • Ensuring the swift, efficient transfers of data and information from primary schools and its dissemination to all our staff before the start of the new academic year 
  • Ensuring that data is used by Eastlea staff to plan provision, set targets, monitor progress and provide support
  • Ensuring parents have named contacts and built in opportunities to communicate with their child’s tutor 
  • Listening to student and parent voice through the use of questionnaires and focus group interviews 
  • Fostering a caring and reassuring environment

A copy of our Transition Booklet can be read here.