Tracking Rewards and Behaviour Points 

Positive and negative behaviour is tracked through the school’s behaviour tracking system (ClassCharts) where all members of staff are able to log behaviour – both positive and negative. Parents and students can sign up for a ClassCharts account at any time using the ClassCharts App, this will allow you to monitor positive as well as negative behaviour. 

Details can be found here:

Parents can download the app here:

Students can download the app here:

And you can find a user guide here:

Behaviour tracking means that incidents of positive and negative behaviour are logged on a database so that:

  • the school is able to monitor more effectively patterns of behaviour by individual students and across the school, thus enabling more effective intervention
  • parents are able to keep track of their child’s behaviour record and support their child and the school by reinforcing expectations at home.

While in school your child is required to follow our code of conduct, you can click on this link to access a copy of Eastlea-Expects


At Eastlea Community School, we believe that students should be rewarded for hard work and excellent behaviour often. There are lots of different ways students can be rewarded within school. The most common way a member of staff will praise a student is by logging a positive behaviour point on ClassCharts. Parents can see these points in real time using the ClassCharts App. Praise points are also monitored by Year teams and each milestone is marked by a reward, some of which include:

  1. Letter home signed by Achievement Leader.
  2. Certificate home signed by Deputy Headteacher behaviour.
  3. Congratulations letter from the Headteacher.
  4. Queue jump pass for dining room.
  5. Stationary reward, for example, a golden pen.
  6. Lunchtime rewards club.
  7. Bronze, silver and gold stars.