Our Curriculum Offer

At Eastlea Community School, our curriculum offer is exciting and dynamic, with a broad and rich curriculum in Key Stage 3 (KS3) preparing the way for students to follow diverse interests and pathways into Key Stage 4 (KS4). We have a three-year Key Stage 3, where students study a range of subjects including the core of Maths, English, and Science. We also offer History, Geography, Computer Science, French, Spanish, Drama, Music, Art, D&T, and PE.

We have fantastic sporting facilities and an abundance of safe outdoor space for our students to enjoy. At Key Stage 4, students have the opportunity to follow a breadth of subjects and options depending on their prior attainment and Progress 8 considerations. We offer all of the subjects studied at Key Stage 3, as well as GCSE Computer Science, Graphics, Catering, Electronics, Business Studies, Sociology, RE, and GCSE PE. We also encourage our students to gain a qualification in their community language, if they have one. Additional Literacy and Numeracy are also offered to those students who need it.

Young people represent the potential of our society and the future of our global community. Our Curriculum aims to nurture students intellectually, morally, spiritually, and physically to their full potential within the context of social responsibility.

We understand that our students need to be prepared for the fast-evolving future where vital skills like resilience and independent thinking are as important as core skills and teamwork. We support our students in becoming global citizens and understand the importance of their contribution to social cohesion.

All of our students are given challenging and ambitious GCSE targets which are calculated from their prior attainment and reviewed after every assessment point. We regularly monitor their learning and progress. If you require further information about our curriculum please email: info@eastlea.newham.sch.uk.

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