At Eastlea Community School, we are proud to offer an inclusive, engaging, challenging, broad and balanced curriculum. 

KS3 is a three year pathway which we believe enables our students to experience new opportunities and provides a foundation for success at KS4 and life beyond school.  At Eastlea Community School we are fortunate enough to have a theatre, a purpose built art studio, music studios, production equipment and outstanding spaces for PE including a vast playing field. These facilities allow us to offer new opportunities in:  Music, Drama, Technology, PE and Art. We believe that a three year KS3 is critical in providing a strong basis of developing cultural capital and language development to support our students in their school career and beyond.  

Please find below links to our Key Stage Three (KS 3) Long Term Plans.

English KS3 Three Long Term Plan

Maths KS3 Long Term Plan

Science KS3 Long Term Plan

French KS 3 Long Term Plan

Spanish KS 3 Long Term Plan

Computer Science KS 3 Long Term Plan

Drama KS3 Long Term Plan

Art and Design KS3 Long Term Plan 

Music KS3 Long Term Plan

Design and Technology KS3 Long Term Plan

PE KS3 Long Term Plan

RE KS3 Long Term Plan

History KS 3 Long Term Plan

Geography KS3 Long Term Plan

PSHE KS3 Long Term Plan