Young people represent the potential of our society and the future of our global community. The aim of Eastlea is to nurture our students intellectually, morally, spiritually and physically to their full potential within the context of social responsibility. 

In partnership with students, parents, staff, governors and the wider community, the vision at Eastlea is:

  • to be recognised as an outstanding school that provides a safe, stimulating, creative and dynamic learning environment that strives for excellence and values achievement 
  • to be a community of learners where students are known and supported as individuals 
  • to foster individual goals, developing the skills of the learner within a happy, caring and inclusive environment 
  • to prepare students to play an active role in the world 
  • to provide a safe learning environment in which students feel secure and where self-esteem, confidence and respect, both for self and for others, can be promoted 
  • to make our school a place where students want to be and want to learn 

Our Values 

Young people should leave Eastlea with their understanding deepened, their minds enriched and their hearts inspired, so that they love learning and embrace the challenges of the future. To help us achieve our purpose we are guided by our values: 


  • Ourselves and others 
  • Trust and be trusted 
  • Feel good about who we are, our heritage and future 


  • Be true to what we believe in 
  • Honour what we know to be right 
  • Be reliable and trusted ​


  • pursuing educational excellence, to achieve our potential 
  • Maintaining our minds and bodies to be fit and healthy 
  • Working towards economic well-being 
  • To improve all our lives by investing in the environment and community 


  • To develop skills and understanding which will help us learn about our world, improve our lives and play a positive role as a global citizen 


  • Enjoying life 
  • Enjoying learning 
  • Enjoying achievement 
  • Enjoying caring and contributing 
  • Enjoying participating